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Are Pomskies Good With Babies?

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Pomskies are very accommodating to most households with moderate to active families, but how well do they get along with babies and other small children? If you want a quick answer without the details, you can click here to be taken to where we summarize our thoughts and advice for households with both Pomskies and babies.

Breed Overview

Pomskies are a fairly new breed that has been rapidly rising in popularity. Their mesmerizing Husky appearance, along with the small size of a Pomeranian makes them a highly sought-after breed. Since Pomskies are mixed breed dogs, it’s generally a good idea to look at the temperament and behavior of both the Husky and Pomeranian breeds to make an informative decision on whether or not a Pomsky will be gentle with your baby and a good fit for your growing family.

Are Pomeranians Good With Babies?

Pomeranians are full of life, playful, intelligent, and love to be the center of attention. Some of the less desirable traits for families with babies are their territorial and stubborn tendencies. As with any breed, this can be overcome with persistent training, whether at home or through a trained professional. Pomeranians are also very aware of their surroundings and can be fairly loud dogs if a lot is going on in the background.

Are Huskies good with babies?

Huskies are known for being social, friendly, and gentle. Because of their lineage as sled dogs, Huskies possess great traits of companionship and affection which makes socialization come easy. As far as undesirable traits for families with babies, Huskies are known for being stubborn, therefore it is important to provide them with obedience training as early as possible when it’s the easiest to do so.

Happy, playful pomsky in the snow

So, Are Pomskies Good With Babies?

Although we can never be sure which mixture of traits your Pomsky will inherit unless you do a DNA test – we can infer that your Pomsky will be a mixture of the temperament listed above; full of energy, playful, social, and extremely loyal. Pomskies love to be the center of attention and love receiving praise! However, it’s important to provide your Pomsky with obedience training as early on as possible to mitigate the barking and stubbornness that are frequent traits amongst untrained Pomskies. As always, when having babies and dogs in the same household it’s always a good idea to set guidelines with your household to ensure the safety of both your baby and Pomsky.

Some General Guidelines:

  1. Never leave babies unsupervised around your Pomsky. Babies are naturally curious and are too young to pick up on the signs of when your Pomsky might be uncomfortable. 
  2. Until your baby matures and can understand how to respect a Pomsky, it’s always a good idea to keep them separated when unsupervised by an adult (even if it’s only for a few seconds).
  3. Avoid applying negative reinforcement to your dog around your baby. This can create a negative association between your baby and your Pomsky.

Some Tips:

  1. If possible, get your Pomsky a few months before the arrival of your baby. This way you can get a feel for your Pomsky’s behavior and provide them with the proper training and preparation to minimize the added stress for everyone. It is generally advised to not introduce a baby to a Pomsky until the Pomsky is at least 6 months of age. Buying bigger baby items such as a car seat carrier and getting your Pomsky acclimated to them is also a good idea and will make things much easier once you need to use them. This applies to scents such as baby oil as well.
  2. Keep your Pomsky well exercised with at least three walks a day along with plenty of access to mentally stimulating toys to chew on – a tired Pomsky is a well-behaved Pomsky!
  3. If you are not comfortable with your Pomskies behavior around your child, contact a professional as soon as possible. The earlier you address the problem, the easier it will be to fix it.

Why you should raise your kids around dogs

Although taking care of both a baby and Pomsky at the same time can be a handful, there are tons of benefits to raising children around dogs. 

  • Introducing pets within the first year of your child’s life can reduce allergies later on. Research studies conducted by the University of Sweden concluded that children who are exposed to pets within the first year of life have a lower chance of encountering allergies and asthma later on in life.
  • Raising kids around dogs helps teach them manners and responsibility.
  • Dogs encourage an active family, with a recommended minimum of 3 walks a day, your step count will increase, and when your baby is older it will give them an extra reason to get outside and play.
  • And most important of all, your kids will create lifelong memories that they will treasure for the rest of their lives. Your Pomsky will be your kid’s best friend!

So, will a Pomsky be good with a baby?

Yes, with proper training a pomsky will be a great addition to your growing family. We recommend getting your Pomsky around 3 months in advance of when your baby is due so you can get a feel for their behavior and temperament, provide them with training and get them acclimated to your home to minimize the stress when the baby arrives. The ideal age for introducing a Pomsky to a baby is when the Pomsky is about six months old.

Until your child is old enough to know how to treat dogs with respect, make sure you’re always supervising their interactions and setting guidelines with your partner to make sure everyone is safe. We outlined a few good ideas above to give you an idea, but it’s always a good idea to contact a professional to assess your specific situation. Simultaneously raising a puppy and baby is no easy feat but with perseverance and proper training, your pomsky and your baby can build lifelong memories for your family!

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Are Pomskies Good With Babies?

Are Pomskies Good With Babies?

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