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Are Pomskies Good Apartment Dogs?

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Are you looking to get a Pomsky? Do you also live in an apartment? Luckily for you, Pomskies are very adaptable to many living spaces, however, there are still a few things that you need to consider before making the decision to add a Pomsky to your family. If you’re not interested in the details and would prefer to just read our answer, no worries! You can click here and we’ll take you right to our thoughts on whether or not Pomskies make good apartment dogs.

What Makes A Good Apartment Dog?

Finding a breed that’s a good fit for apartment living can be difficult. Size, how much exercise is required, barking and shedding, and the dog’s comfort when being left home alone are all characteristics that must be considered when you are thinking of buying a Pomsky while living in an apartment with neighbors behind your walls. Let’s dive in!

So, are Pomskies good apartment dogs?

Here’s what makes Pomskies Good Apartment Dogs:

Their size – Although there is no standard Pomsky size, most Pomskies are around 20 to 30 pounds in weight. This makes Pomskies great for smaller living spaces such as apartments because they require much less room than their Husky counterparts. If you’re interested in how big your future Pomsky might be, make sure to ask your breeder. Most breeders will be able to predict your Pomsky’s future weight by looking at the mother’s and father’s weight, along with the weight of previous litters.

Their need for early socialization – Pomskies need early socialization with both humans and other pups in order to prevent aggression. Living in an apartment building with a variety of dogs and people constantly being around is a great opportunity to socialize your new Pomsky when you take them outside for walks. Dog parks are another great opportunity to socialize your Pomsky, and if you’re lucky enough to already live in an apartment with a designated dog area we recommend taking advantage of it. Plus – it’s a great way to meet your neighbors and make new friends!

They’re comfortable with being home alone – Although ideally we would like for our dogs to never be left home alone life happens, and finding a balance between keeping our pups happy and tending to our daily lives can be difficult. Luckily, Pomskies have no problem with being left home alone, so long as it’s kept to a maximum of eight hours for full-grown Pomskies and one hour for each month of age for puppies. If you’ll be away from home for longer than 8 hours, Pomskies are very social and will do great with pet sitters and dog walkers, assuming that they were well socialized as puppies. If you’re someone who is how away for longer than 8 hours, we recommend checking out Wag or Rover to get a rough idea of how much dog walking costs in your area.

Sounds good so far? Let’s look at the cons:

Pomskies shed – Both Pomeranians and huskies have thick double fur coats that shed. The Pomsky is no exception, with a big and thick double coat comes lots and lots of shedding. Although light shedding is normal year-round, Pomskies generally shed heavier around two to three times a year – usually around the spring and fall. When combined with a smaller living space like an apartment, the shedding is much more noticeable compared to a bigger living space like a house. With this in mind, if you or someone else in your household has pet allergies, a Pomsky may not be a good fit for you. However, if your allergies are moderate Pomksy shedding can be significantly reduced by monthly visits to your local groomer and by brushing their coat out as often as possible. Making a habit out of vacuuming your apartment a bit more frequently can also significantly reduce the fur in your apartment which will make a noticeable improvement in managing your pet allergies.

Pomskies can be vocal:

Since Pomskies inherit their behavior from both Pomeranian and Husky, your future pup has a chance of inheriting the Pomeranian’s frequent barking. Pomeranians are hyper-aware of their environments and hearing people or other dogs walking by in the hallways can lead to barking. Unless controlled, excessive barking can get annoying for both you and your neighbors if you live in a small space with thin walls. Barking can be minimized by being persistent with training and by keeping them busy with plenty of toys and puzzles. In addition to training and toys, Pomskies are much less likely to bark if they receive proper exercise. Around three walks a day with at least one walk being 30 plus minutes are generally advised. Dog park visits are also a great way to keep them exercised and social.

So, will a Pomsky be a good fit for your apartment?
Yes! Although there are certainly lower energy and quieter breeds out there, Pomskies still make great apartment dogs. Pomskies are highly adaptable to many living situations and your apartment will be great for them assuming that they have enough space to run around throughout the day and have access to plenty of toys and puzzles to keep them stimulated. The Pomsky’s relatively small size and the added benefit of additional socialization that comes with the lifestyle of living in an apartment building make Pomskies great apartment dogs. As long as you can keep your Pomsky well exercised to minimize barking, and no one in your apartment has significant pet allergies, a Pomsky will do great in your apartment! If you’re considering other breeds that fit the bill for apartment living we recommend looking at the following: American Eskimo, French Bulldog, Pug, Boston Terrier, Cardigan Welsh Corgi, and Greyhound. As always, check with your landlord and make sure the Pomsky you are looking to buy fits the breed requirements for your building. It’s rare to come across Pomskies on the forbidden breed list, but it’s always good to check with your landlord before making the decision.

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