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How Often Do Pomskies Need Grooming?

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Grooming and maintaining your Pomsky’s fur coat is essential to owning a happy and healthy pup. How often your Pomsky should be groomed depends on several factors. Some of the factors that you should consider when deciding how to groom your Pomsky and how often to do so should depend on what sort of fur they have, how so much time they spend outdoors, and how dirty they get. Some Pomskies may require a wash every 2 to 3 weeks if they love getting dirty, whereas other Pomsky owners will wait all the way up to 6 months in between baths. In addition to baths, there are a few more grooming tasks you should keep in mind.

Why Grooming Is Necessary

There are other advantages to grooming your Pomsky apart from just keeping them looking beautiful. Keeping your Pomsky regularly groomed contributes to developing your pet’s health, behavior, and mental state.

Here are some of the reasons why grooming your Pomsky often is essential:

  • If inadequetly groomed, your Pomsky can suffer from various health conditions. For example, failing to maintain proper dental hygiene might result in the development of gum and periodontal disorders.
  • Leaving a Pomskies coat unwashed and untrimmed for an extended period can result in the collection of filth in its coat. This is detrimental to Pomsky’s health since it invites flea infestations, which cause discomfort. Furthermore, it can be detrimental for people with breathing difficulties.
  • You may also notice that during the colder months, when you wash them less often, your Pomsky may become more agitated. The itchiness caused by dander, debris, and microorganisms like yeast and bacteria within your Pomsky’s coat might be the root of his behavior problems. Grooming will increase the energy, activity, and friendliness of your Pomsky.

Grooming Tips

Now that we understand why regular grooming of your Pomsky’s coat is essential, here are a few grooming practices that you should do regularly at home. Such grooming tasks are an excellent way to strengthen your relationship with your Pomsky, who will (maybe) appreciate your efforts. Another key argument for grooming your Pomsky is that it can uncover underlying health issues. By grooming them, you will be able to examine his coat for any scars or wounds that may have occurred, which otherwise way be unnoticeable. Additionally, keeping your Pomsky clean and dry will help prevent bugs such as mites. As a result, a continual daily checkup becomes a regular, and it assists in proactively visiting a veterinarian if necessary. Here are some ways to groom your Pomsky:

Brushing Your Pomsky’s Fur

To keep your Pomsky’s coat tangle-free, you must brush it often. Brushing their coat doesn’t have to be a chore either! Brushing your Pomsky during playtime is perfectly acceptable when some Pomskies even find it comforting. In addition to strengthening your relationship, it’s an excellent method to help keep their coat free of any knotting as well as to prevent matting. In addition to this, brushing your Pomsky daily helps to remove dead hair (which is especially beneficial if you live in an apartment – check out our Pomsky apartment guide here). Lastly, regular brushing can prevent frequent itching due to increased blood flow to the area, which can reduce inflammation.

How to Brush Your Pomsky’s Fur

The proper way to brush out your Pomskie’s coat is to lightly brush with the grain of the hair, front to back. Be careful not to overbrush your dog as this could lead to what’s known as brush burn, which is irritation to their skin caused by brushing too rough, or brushing the same spot too frequently. When it comes to choosing a brush for your Pomsky, we’ve had the best results with a slicker style brush like this.

Slicker style brush for pomsky grooming

Pomskies generally shed about two times per year, during these shedding periods, you can significantly reduce the accumulation of fur by brushing them more regularly.

Bathing A Pomsky

By nature, the Pomsky breed has a reputation for being stubborn. This trait can make it difficult to give them a bath without them letting you know that they’re definitely unamused! You will have to keep them calm while you begin the grooming process, which you may accomplish by taking them on a stroll.

Fortunately, Pomsky coats don’t require bathing as frequently as other breeds do due to their self-cleaning coat. Because of this, it is advised that you bathe your Pomsky once every two months or so, but every Pomsky coat is different, so your experience may vary.

Clipping Hairs, Trimming Nails, And Cleaning

Some of the other grooming tasks that you may not be doing as often as brushing and bathing are nail trimmings and checking their ears for dirt or debris. Make sure that nails are appropriately trimmed so as not to have any injury by nails or any ingrown nails that may hurt the pet. Trimming nails may be tricky if your Pomsky has black nails. If you are not comfortable cutting your Pomskies nails, we recommend visiting your local groomer as nail trimmings are infrequent (around every 2 months) and fairly cheap (usually around $10-20). Finally, make sure that eyes and ears are kept clean to be germ-free and without any chance of illness due to dirty skin.

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